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A few weeks ago, Drs. (and twins!) Erin and Elizabeth Anderson from Twin Life Chiropractic shared their expertise on a modality called Morphogenic Field Technique. While holistic forms of care have been in their life since they were two, it wasn’t until Chiropractic school that their once active and bustling life came to an extremely fatigued halt. This is Erin and Elizabeth’s story of getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, saying no to conventional medicine, and finding optimal health through the very modalities they now serve others with today.


What was your childhood like? How were your brought up? We were really sick children growing up. Dr. Elizabeth had chronic ear infections as a baby, which is how we ended up as Chiropractors today. In fact, we started seeing the chiropractor regularly due to her ear infections. Once resolved, we continued going for wellness care and have been adjusted regularly since the age of 2. At that time, we were each diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. We were sugar laden kids who didn’t know anything about food other than the Standard American Diet. The arthritis brought chronic pain and Dr. Elizabeth even had an anatomically short leg that caused her to limp. But even though we had an autoimmune disease, nobody would have known it because we never let it define who we were. We grew up in a small community in North Central Wisconsin where everyone knew each other. We played sports year round (our chiropractor helped us never miss a game), were excellent students, and community oriented in every way imaginable.

“we were sugar laden kids who didn’t know anything about food other than the standard american diet.”

How did you discover that you both had hashimotos? We were in the middle of Chiropractic School when we knew something wasn’t right. While we were getting adjusted weekly, it didn’t seem to help. When we started school, we were working out before our 7 AM classes 5x/week. But in the middle of Chiropractic School, we could barely get out of bed to attend class. We knew it wasn’t normal to go to bed at 9PM and sleep for 8-10 hours, only to wake up and need a nap 3-4 hours later. In fact, we’d often look at our daily schedule to see if there were any classes we could afford to miss or skip for a nap so that we could function the rest of the day.

Soon after, we attended a weekend seminar called “mastering the thyroid” and realized that we had a thyroid issue. We were headed home for summer break and figured our local clinic would run the thyroid antibodies to confirm what we already knew was going on, deep down.  Unfortunately, they refused to run the test. They told us it didn’t matter if we had thyroid antibodies or not, the outcome was the same ... thyroid medication. But we weren’t looking to be put on medication. We were looking for the root cause of our sudden decrease in health.

So we went back to Atlanta and found another clinic that was at least open to running the thyroid antibodies. The nurse that ran the test told us not to get our hopes up and that we had “student syndrome.” A week later, however, the nurse called to confirm that we did in fact have the antibodies and wanted us to come back in to be put on medication. We declined and found a Functional Medicine Chiropractor that was able to help.

It was at this point in Chiropractic School that we realized spinal misalignments weren’t the only thing that could impact your health. The food we eat, the water we drink, and the thoughts we have all had an impact on our health. So we had blood work and food allergy testing done, as well as a stool sample and hormone panel run, in order to capture what was really going on. All of which lead to the start of our healing journey for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

“if we can read the energy, we can change the matter.”

What healing modalities have been the most helpful for you? Our practice, both personally and professionally, is highly focused on communicating with the energy field, as this is an extension of your nervous system. Long story short, if we can read the energy, we can change the matter. We do this via Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), which has been the most helpful for us as we are able to get to the root cause of what’s going on with any given person. To do this, we use muscle testing to identify health problems and solutions that show up with our energetic testing kits.

For example, Dr. Elizabeth used MFT and discovered that she had a parasite energy weakening her field. She then found the four homeopathic remedies her body wanted to clear it out of her system. Dr. Erin used MFT and discovered that she had parasite energy as well, along with her liver pathways being disrupted, affecting both her thyroid and lungs at a cellular level. She then found the five homeopathic remedies her body wanted to come back into balance. Despite both of us being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, we received unique homeopathic protocols that led to the beginning of when we truly started to feel like ourselves.

Our office is also highly focused on how emotions affect the body. We use Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), homeopathic flower remedies, and essential oils to help heal emotions. And recently, we started using orgonite with different crystals as well. Not only does this help with emotions, but it also protects the body from the chaotic invisible dirty electric that we are constantly exposed to these days.

On the emotion front, Dr. Elizabeth first had NET done on her after experiencing intense ear pain. And despite going to an ear nose and throat doctor, it just wasn’t going away. Luckily, she was an intern at the time with a doctor who practiced NET, so he did that for her. She found out that she had a stuck emotion of feeling lost at 7 years old, when her and Dr. Erin were in separate classrooms at school. After clearing this emotion, her ear pain went away immediately and she understood just how much emotions can affect our bodies. From that day forward, Dr. Elizabeth has honed in on healing emotions with herself along with her clients. She is our emotional healing Queen.

Dr. Erin was with Dr. Elizabeth when she had NET done and saw how drastic her response was, so she, too, signed up for NET that very same day. She had head pain going on and wanted to know if it was emotional in nature. Indeed it was, and she experienced relief immediately as well.


What led you to these modalities? Our healing journey first began with extensive blood work ran by functional medicine doctors who looked at “functional” ranges rather than normal vs. abnormal ranges. Based off the blood work and allergens, we changed our diets and went 100% gluten and dairy free to start, which helped us eliminate a lot of processed foods. After making those changes, we became more aware of all the other foods we were buying as well. Using the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 as a guide, we slowly started to buy produce that was organic rather than conventional. We then started to buy more ethically raised and locally sourced meats, and made sure that our beef was grass fed due to the gluten allergy. As we started to adopt this lifestyle, we realized that everything we bought needed to be organic if we wanted to be our best selves. Today, we buy 100% organic at our local co-op and if something isn’t available, we simply choose a different fruit or vegetable that is.

While changing our diets helped us to feel significantly better, we knew we needed more. So Dr. Elizabeth did an internship with a doctor and was introduced to Applied Kinesiology, where every organ has a muscle that corresponds to how it’s functioning. She also learned about the triad of health, which looks at the chemical, mental, and structural components of one’s overall well-being.

He also introduced us to the notion that emotions can cause havoc on the body, which was a game changer for us. This is how we ended up learning the Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) that allows us to target and release emotions. Then, we continued our learning and discovered the technique that we utilize today in our practice called Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT).

Are there any challenges that you have experienced so far in your healing journey? As females, we know our bodies best and had to keep searching for practitioners that resonated with us. Although we knew something wasn’t quite right, we still dealt with multiple practitioners telling us we were fine and that it was probably just “student syndrome.” Since then, we’ve come to learn that you are your own best advocate and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

We know it’s not always easy, but keep searching until you find a practitioner you resonate with because there are a lot of amazing people out there who can help you!

“we’ve come to learn that you are your own best advocate and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.”

How can the people in your life best support you during and beyond healing? The best way that one can be supported during his or her healing journey is to find like minded individuals who understand what they’re going through. Often times, it’s difficult for family members to offer support when they don’t fully grasp what’s going on, especially when someone “doesn’t look sick.”n Remember that you know your body best. Trust the cues you’re given and know that it’s okay to remind the people in your life to love you for you.

How are you feeling these days? We feel amazing and wake up knowing that we’ll make it through the day without feeling burnt out or fatigued. In fact, we rarely have “flare ups” and know that we can always test our fields (through MFT) and add something into our protocol if we happen to feel off.

If it wasn’t for MFT and all the emotional healing that has occurred, Dr. Erin knows that her pregnancy would have been a lot tougher on her, physically and mentally. And as a sensitive soul, Dr. Elizabeth knows that both MFT and NET have helped her tremendously hone in on the gifts that she brings to this world.

Staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit is now so much easier and for that, we are grateful.


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