Lately No. 03 — August 2019


Every month, we publish a post under the category “lately,” where I (Bre) will share what I’m currently finding helpful in my own continued journey in healing and well-being. While I have a small handful of tools that I use most days (like yoga, meditation, and journaling), everything else seems to fade in and out depending on what I need in the present moment. It’s fun to explore and I thought it would be fun to share, too ... you know, just in case anything catches your eye.


  • Shaman Durek x Lacy Phillips: Shaman Durek is a spiritual guide and healer. Lacy Phillips, founder of To Be Magnetic, is a manifestation advisor. And whenever these two get together to talk, I listen. Recently, they were both guests on each other’s podcasts. On Lacy’s (Expanded), they talk about everything from fertility, codependency, and relationships, to poisonous words, the ego’s job, and tachyon energy. On Shaman Durek’s (Ancient Wisdom Today), they dive into self worth and the power of darkness. Each episode is a true conversation between friends that covers a lot more than what I can summarize here. So if you’re into spirituality and healing, I highly suggest tuning in.


  • Breathwork: Breathwork is an active meditation in which the conscious control of breathing therapeutically influences the mental, emotional, and / or physical state of whoever is practicing. I was introduced to this particular modality awhile ago, but it wasn’t until I took Amy Kurtesky’s 7-day challenge that I really started noticing the benefits. With just 12 minutes of practice per day, I saw that breathwork could quickly get me back into my body and transform my mindset. Profoundly.

    Curious, I then bought Ashley Neese’s book “How To Breathe” in an effort to learn more, which was absolutely fascinating. She covers the science-y stuff for those who like that sort of thing (I do!) and shares 25 customized practices. My favorite is the one about “letting go,” which I utilize whenever my mind is chattering away about something that it simply does not need to hold on to.

    Amy Kurtesky also holds group breathwork sessions every new and full moon, and even though I was a little nervous (introvert here), I attended the last full moon gathering. She created and held such a safe space that allowed me to let go, in a cocoon of my own breath, while others around me did the same. To feel the energy of those around you is a powerful, powerful thing. And for that experience, I am grateful. 



  • Vegan Three Bean Chili: Since fall is coming in hot, I want to introduce you all to my current favorite chili recipe. The spices are on point and the recipe is actually quite versatile if you want to swap anything out. I like to try new recipes as is the first time I make them, but often adjust when I get comfortable with a dish. And this is one of them. For fall, I’m excited to replace the peppers with squash or sweet potatoes. Because winter is coming and I live in the North and that sounds just about right for this time of year. ;)

  • Almond Flour Pancakes: Since ditching gluten (minus my beloved Einkorn Flour, which I’ll talk in detail about at a later date), I’ve been on the hunt for a good pancake recipe. It took awhile, but this one from The Roasted Root is SO SO good. My partner likes to top his with peanut butter, while I’m strictly a banana or blueberry person. But we share the maple syrup so it’s cool.

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