LymeStop with Dr. Ben Erlandson


Lyme Disease is widely misunderstood and misdiagnosed in today’s medical system. That, plus treatment can be insanely expensive, especially given that insurance companies won’t recognize the disease unless a positive blood test (which only has a 50% success rate) is presented. Crazy. Fortunately, alternative modalities like LymeStop are available to those who are in search of effective treatment. Today, we’re talking all about this and more with Dr. Ben Erlandson, who not only suffered and eventually moved into remission from Lyme Disease himself … but who helps other people do the same.


Can you explain what LymeStop is? Lyme Disease is a group of infections that are stealth in nature, effectively evading our immune system. LymeStop is a natural treatment that uses a series of points on the body that tells the brain and immune system what infections are present, as well as where they are located. This allows the body to then find the infections and correct them naturally from the inside out.

“after experiencing such a miraculous recovery from lyme myself, i knew that it was something i needed to learn so that i could help other people in the way that it helped me.”

What made you decide to explore and offer LymeStop as a healing technique? I decided to explore LymeStop after being very sick myself. I had tried many other treatments before a colleague of mine told me about Dr. Tony Smith (founder of the technique), in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. After going out to see him and experiencing such a miraculous recovery from Lyme myself, I knew that it was something I needed to learn so that I could help other people in the way that it helped me.

What is LymeStop like from the patient’s point of view? A patient’s experience with LymeStop will be unique in that it’s a form of energy medicine and natural techniques are not something that people are generally familiar with. The body is electromagnetic, electric, photonic, and chemical in nature. Most western medicine applications only apply to the chemical part of the body. There are many other ways to influence our health through energy based systems. We use light pressure (usually with our hands or magnets) on the surface of the skin to stimulate points on the body that correspond to a particular infection. This, in turn, directs the immune system to correct these infections itself.

Patients initially come in for five sessions within a one week period, with the first session lasting about an hour and the remaining sessions ranging from twenty to forty minutes. While the treatments are painless, some people experience die off or detox reactions once the immune system starts killing off infections. Many people, however, don’t even experience that. It just depends on the person’s detox abilities. Even if they do have some sort of reaction, it’s relatively minor when compared to other techniques. This is because the body will only eliminate infections at a rate that it can handle.

After three or four months, we do a follow up session in order to re-check and see if a person’s immune system has cleared all of the infections. If they have, they’re usually dismissed from care. And if they haven’t, we evaluate and schedule additional visits as needed.

We also always assess nutritional status and give supplements for low nutrient levels and organ support. We also detox chemicals or toxins and reverse any allergies to airbornes or foods that test positive.

“with lymestop, you can actually get the body to eliminate infections naturally, rather than simply treating symptoms or knocking down certain components.”

For those who suspect they may have Lyme Disease, what first steps do you suggest for diagnosis and treatment exploration? Lab tests for Lyme Disease are only about 50% accurate, so they’re not really supposed to be used for diagnosis. In actuality, Lyme is diagnosed clinically, through signs and symptoms. And with our technique, we have the points that will test positive through muscle testing if a person has certain infections related to Lyme.

As far as treatment exploration, there’s certainly a lot of options, but few are effective. Biased or not, we truly believe LymeStop is one of the best options because you can actually get the body to eliminate infections naturally, rather than simply treating symptoms or knocking down certain components.


Can you speak on the cost difference between LymeStop and other treatments for Lyme? The cost of LymeStop is roughly $3,200, which covers the initial five visits, follow up visit, and all of the supplements and nutrients needed during those first three to four months. Other treatments can be anywhere up to $100,000. LymeStop is not pocket change, but it’s also not relatively that expensive in comparison. That, and the value you get is tremendous when considering the number of infections, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies identified and treated.

What is your hope for the Lyme community? Before LymeStop, I was very sick and miserable, with so many problems. This technique saved my life and has allowed me to help others do the same, which is why I got trained in the first place. It’s been a blessing to serve this community, and I hope that for all those currently suffering, they can heal and restore their health, too.

“lymestop is rooted in energy based physics, which not a lot of people are educated on when applying it to the human body. so yes, it’s normal to be skeptical, and that’s okay.”

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about LymeStop and its effectiveness? Being skeptical about LymeStop is normal, because it’s a very progressive treatment that people aren’t familiar with. When I was learning the technique from Dr. Smith, he said: “You don’t need to advertise the technique because once you start helping people, they’ll naturally refer others in.” And that’s really what’s happened within our practice, which is great. But I think ultimately, when people have Lyme and it’s bad enough, they just want to get better and become open to trying something new.

While there’s actually a lot of science behind what’s done with LymeStop, it’s rooted in energy based physics, which not a lot of people are educated on when applying it to the human body. So yes, it’s normal to be skeptical, and that’s okay.

Most of the people we see are referred to us by another patient, so that alone loosens up some of the skepticism (see our testimonials). But we’re just here to help people who are looking for help. And if they’re open to new types of treatments, then LymeStop is a good one to try.


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