Morphogenic Field Technique with Twin Life Chiropractic


photos by Emily Alexander

Earlier this week, I shared my story with endometriosis, and how the Morphogenic Field Technique was (and is) a big part of my healing journey. This week’s interview is special, as my very own practitioners, Drs. Elizabeth and Erin from Twin Life Chiropractic, have stepped up to tell us all about this particular modality. Using a combination of muscle response testing, energy kits, and remedies, they help their patients come back to and maintain optimal health. It’s crazy cool, so let’s dig in.


Can you explain what MFT is? Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) is a non-invasive alternative healing modality that works with the energetic field around you in order to develop a specific nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic protocol that supports healing. Your field is an extension of your nervous system and we read it to gain health information about the energetic state of your cells. Because when we address your exact needs on a cellular level, we affect the greatest change in health. What this means is that through muscle response testing, we have a quantum conversation with your energetic field in order to figure out what your body needs to function optimally.

We use physics alongside Einstein’s theory that energy and matter are the same thing (e=mc^2). Simply put … if we can change the energy, we can change the matter.

“through muscle response testing, we have a quantum conversation with your energetic field in order to figure out what your body needs to function optimally.”

What is muscle testing? What is muscle response testing? When we muscle test, we are testing the energy of the body, organs, muscles, and glands. There are three possible outcomes of the muscle being tested: weak, strong, or over facilitated (aka working too hard). Based off of the response of the muscle being tested, we know if an energy is in balance or out of balance. While this allows us to identify any problems, it doesn’t tell us exactly what’s going on.

Muscle response testing, on the other hand, allows us to draw information from the body of whoever is being tested. Using our MFT test kits (which we’ll cover below), we introduce different environmental variables into a patient’s field and look for a change in muscle strength. This tells us if the body has something in its system it wants to get out or if its something the body wants.


What are “energy kits” and how do you use them? We have quite a few MFT test kits (shown above), all of which contain different energy frequencies (housed in vials) the body may be interested in. When the body is interested in specific vials, we call those "problem" energies. We then need to find the "solution" energies for those "problem" energies to shut off. This is done via muscle response testing, as described above. So essentially, we're looking for the energies that are causing a patient's field to be small and challenged as well as what energies can balance and expand their field.

  • We begin with our red kits, which helps us find out if the person being tested has any foundational issues (like hydration, digestion, sugar handling, mineral balance, fatty acid support) going on. They also tell us if a patient's pathways are being disrupted, which is important to know as this is how we get our toxins out.

  • Our white kit covers cellular energy, which tells us what cells are being affected. Our cells make up our tissues, our tissues make up our organs, and our organs make up our organ systems, so this tells us a lot about what's going on. Think of it this way: if you’re building a house, you wouldn’t put the foundation on top of the city dump. Well, the same thing is true for our bodies. You want to build a house (your body) on strong ground (cell membrane integrity).

  • Our blue kit allows us to ask a few different questions. Does the body want to talk about any immune challenges? Does the body want to talk about any toxicity (and if so, is it related to specific foods, chemicals, and / or heavy metals)? This essentially tells us WHAT is causing a person's pathways and cells to be affected.

  • We also have a few advanced kits that we like to use. Our orange kit has common "labeled" diagnoses that a person may come in saying they have. In fact, we see a lot of people who have been to multiple providers without any improvement. So we use this kit to see if a patient's energy field is interested in a specific energy "label" or not. While helpful, it's important to note that we do not diagnose in our office and instead use this to read energy.

  • Next, our green kit shows what foods one may need to add or remove from their diet. It also contains the energy of common diets, which tells our patients which one is best for them. And finally, our purple kit allows us to identify which positive emotions our patient's are having trouble expressing as well as what essential oils will help as a remedy.

  • We also have solution kits that help us come up with an individualized protocol, based on everything we've discovered above. These are in the form of homeopathic remedies, whole food nutrition, and herbs.

“we're looking for the energies that are causing a patient's field to be small and challenged as well as what energies can balance and expand their field.”

What is MFT like from the patient’s point of view? When a patient comes into our office, we first ask if they're aware of their energy field. If so, great! That makes our job a little easier. If not, that's okay too. We'll then show them a picture of a healthy, expanded energy field (about 5-7 feet around a person's body) and explain a few scenarios in which they can better understand how it works.

Next, we measure their current energetic field and see if we need to enhance it in order to get a proper reading. Once that's done, we use muscle response testing along with our various MFT test kits to develop a protocol for the patient to follow in order to keep their field big and balanced. Depending on what is found through testing, dietary and lifestyle modifications may be given as well.

Patients are typically seen one time a week for four to six weeks to uncover everything that is causing their health to not be at an optimal level. And within those first six weeks, patients often notice improvements in their symptoms and health. After that, we space visits out (once per month or once per six weeks) to maintain our patients’ wellness.


What sort of health problems can MFT be effective for? MFT is great for anyone looking to improve their health. We have clients that come in for wellness care along with people who have been chronically sick for years. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, MFT can help. We personally believe that everyone can benefit from getting their field tested. In fact, we start testing fields as young as in the womb on pregnant moms. Our goal is always to balance and expand the energy field of the person being tested so they can experience optimal health.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about alternative medicine? Everyone is on their own journey and finds what they need when they need to. And as much as we want to help people heal, they also have to want to heal themselves. That said, the best way to break through skepticism is to simply try a new experience.

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