Steve Truppe on Swollen Lymph Nodes and Energy Healing

Our Healing House — Steve Truppe on Swollen Lymph Nodes and Energy Healing

Steve Truppe, along with his wife Anne (who we’ve interviewed here and here), are both good friends of mine, beautifully incorporating their intuition, mindfulness, and energy work into their every day lives. But that wasn’t always the case. In 2015, Steve’s chiropractor discovered that he had unusually swollen lymph nodes. And prior to that, other not so pleasant symptoms had been showing up. Today, Steve shares about his sickness, frustration with the western world of diagnosis and medicine, and finally, the holistic modalities that helped bring him back to his true, authentic self.


What was your childhood like? I was born and raised in southern Wisconsin, the youngest of three (one brother and one sister) in a conservative family. My parents are married and have always been very involved in my life. They have great senses of humor and are warm people. My childhood was very safe, but in contrast, very sheltered. I wasn’t exposed to much diversity as a child, so anything “different” was always considered odd.

As a kid I loved art, building forts, biking around town, and playing video games. I was extremely shy and soft-spoken, which was quite different from my outgoing, loud family. I’ve also never fit the “typical” male mold, so I experienced a lot of bullying as a kid and in turn, felt out of place in my teen years and into my twenties as well.

I was provided with a lot of opportunities to explore different interests as a child — sports, art, camping, hiking, gardening, history, etc. My parents taught us to work hard for what you want and be respectful of others. Spirituality was taught to me by means of very conservative Lutheran schooling, so I’ve always believed in a higher presence, but don’t currently identify with a religion.

“The ultrasound experience was awful, but waiting over a week for the results was worse. That whole time, my brain was on overdrive, whirring through all of the horrifying possibilities that could be revealed.”

Can you tell us about your experience with swollen lymph nodes? In May of 2015, I went in for an adjustment with my chiropractor. While she was feeling around, she noticed that the chain of lymph nodes on the right side of my neck was severely swollen. She immediately recommended that I get a blood test done to rule out anything major, which really scared the shit out of me.

Before the swollen lymph nodes, I experienced numerous things over the course of many years. I had daily aches and pain in my whole body. There were times where I felt like I was having a heart condition. I felt like my breathing was being constricted — like I couldn’t take a full, deep breath. I had a few panic attacks. Feeling tired and brain fog were everyday occurrences. I lost weight, which was crippling to my confidence, as I had always been “too thin” by most people’s standards. And on top of all of this, my mood and spirit were affected. I was anxious, nervous, worried, and agitated.

I had the blood test taken, and in the meantime, scheduled a visit with my General Practitioner. My test results came back negative, and after examining me for about two minutes, my GP ordered that I have an ultrasound done on my neck. The ultrasound experience was awful, but waiting over a week for the results was worse. That whole time, my brain was on overdrive, whirring through all of the horrifying possibilities that could be revealed.

At the follow-up appointment, my GP told me the results came back normal and I was so relieved. But I was also confused because he said that he didn’t know what was causing the problem. That while it could resolve itself, he’d still recommend getting a biopsy. But he followed that by saying that said biopsy wouldn’t really help. I remember him being very short with me because I was asking questions, which rubbed me the wrong way. And then I realized that he didn’t know what to do with me, and that he was trying to pass me off to the next doctor. It was at that moment that I decided to seek out alternative healing modalities.

Our Healing House — Steve Truppe on Lymph Nodes and Energy Healing

What healing modalities have been the most helpful for you? I feel like it’s important to say that my healing journey has been years of experimentation; it didn’t just happen overnight. Sometimes we expect to heal in a day, but it takes time. My first step was seeing a massage therapist who specializes in lymphatic massages. These sessions were incredibly powerful, but after three, even he saw that I needed more help than he could offer. My next step was seeing a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. I fell in love with Traditional Chinese Medicine as I found great healing from it. It aligned with many of my own beliefs, and I learned vast information about my body. I went to my acupuncturist for a couple years, but then hit a plateau. It was at this time, in 2018, that I started learning about the mind-body connection and how much our emotions and thoughts play a part in our overall health. I started utilizing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping”) and positive mantras. In tandem, my wife, Anne, and I were inspired to start an energy healing business to help others. Anne created a process for clearing emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances, which she taught to me, and I now implement into my life almost daily. Since then, I’ve come to realize that looking inward — addressing trapped emotions, negative mindsets, and energy healing — holds the true key, and it’s where I have found the most healing. It’s completely changed my life.

I still see an acupuncturist every other month for maintenance, which I love, but I don’t go to Western doctors at all anymore. If I get a cold, headache, anxiety, etc, I know how to clear it myself, energetically. It’s so empowering!

Are there any challenges that you have experienced so far in your healing journey? The biggest challenge for me was mental. There were times I felt crazy for some of the things I thought or experienced. I was very lonely at times, too, because the people in my life didn’t necessarily share the same perspective as me in regards to how I was seeking treatment. I felt my sickness changing me, like I lost a part of myself. I wanted to bow out of every social situation in order to avoid talking about what I was going through or be the "problem one" who had to specify exact requirements when ordering dinner. It was a heavy weight to carry at times, but now that I’m on the other side, I appreciate what the journey taught me and where it has led me to.

“My healing journey has been years of experimentation; it didn’t just happen overnight.”

How can the people in your life best support you during and beyond healing? Ask them about what they’re going through, listen with an open mind, and support them in their choices. The last thing I wanted to hear or sense was judgement, because that caused me to shut down and build up resentment. But also encourage them and help them stay positive and light, as these are extremely important in healing.

How are you feeling these days? Free! I feel light, at ease, and positive. The anxiety that was always stirring under the surface is gone, and I know how to clear it if it does show up. Situations that would have triggered me before don’t have an effect on me anymore. I am more motivated, energized, and creative than I have ever been. And most importantly, I have learned to love and accept myself, which has increased my confidence, deepened existing relationships, opened up new relationships, and made me feel at ease in my own body. I can honestly say that I am a different person after incorporating energy healing into my life. At times my journey felt so heavy and dark, but looking back, I now know that this all happened for a reason. It led me on the path to true healing, for which I am so grateful.


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