What's it Like to Visit an Aura Reader?


photos by Radiant Human

Before getting my aura read, my only knowledge of this technique came from the pretty polaroid portraits I saw floating around instagram. So basically, I thought it was cute and that was that. I didn’t dig any deeper. But then I started hearing more about auras on various podcasts, which inevitably piqued my interest. Before I knew it, a friend of mine was telling me about her own reading and the very next week, I had an appointment.

I rolled up to a non-descript strip mall in Stillwater, Minnesota, where every business seemed to fall into the wellness and / or spirituality category. And when I went inside, the decor followed suit, with a waiting room full of tarot cards and books and herbs and crystals and I couldn’t help but smile at the inner resonance I felt.

My reader, Annette, came out to welcome me, gave me a bottle of water, and had me fill out some forms as if I was at a regular old doctor’s office. I indicated how I was feeling and what sorts of questions I had, then waited some more.

It all felt familiar until Annette called me into her office. She had me place my left hand on a machine that showed my aura in a program that felt like it originated from Windows 95. On screen, my body lit up in red and white coloring. Annette asked me if I was nervous and I said yes. She then explained that red was a defense mechanism, in my case, while the white referenced healing.

The thing you should know about me is that I have a difficult time trusting others, and often interact with my walls up. And although I didn’t fully trust Annette or her program at this point in my reading, I was absolutely curious. Which, she already knew.

She then printed out approximately 25 pages of paper from the program that read my aura, stapled them together, and had me sit across from her. And for the next hour, she spoke straight to my soul, not referencing the program’s findings whatsoever.

Unlike the red and white coloring I saw on screen, Annette explained that my aura was actually made up of yellow and purple light. She didn’t fully explain how she knew this, but I sensed that she either saw those colors around me or simply knew it to be true. And once she defined what those colors meant for me, I got goosebumps, knowing full well that she hit the nail on the head.

As humans, it’s easy to be skeptical. We are human, after all. And most of us are programmed from a young age to always look for the facts, especially in a more western society. But there’s another way to trust, and that is with our intuition. The part of us that just knows something to be true, whether we understand why or not.

It could have been so easy for me to be skeptical of this entire experience. But on this particular day, I chose to be open. To follow my intuition. And I knew, without a doubt, that Annette had connected with me on a deeper level.

She spoke almost constantly, spilling truth after truth, unless she sensed that I had a question. In fact, at one point, she stopped halfway through her own thought and said “you have a question for me.” Stunned that she knew, I asked my question and we continued on.

By the end of our session, I learned that the yellow within my aura denotes my penchant for leadership and transparent communication. It’s the reason why I’ve always had a calling for teaching and guiding others. The purple within my aura points to a strong intuitive and spiritual connection, something I’ve only come to re-discover recently. Long story short, I’m meant to use that connection as a means to help others. In fact, it’s a big reason why Our Healing House even exists. I can’t explain it other than it just makes sense.

At the end of our session, Annette explained what the 25 page print out outlined, and how I could learn from it on my own. And then I drove home in a (safe) haze. Someone had taken the time to break down my sky high walls and I felt absolutely seen and understood, which is rare.

Sure, I could have discovered a lot of what Annette shared during my own meditation practice. But sometimes, it’s nice (and fun) to seek out the help of another person who can help uncover blocks. And I was definitely feeling blocked about a few things when I sought her out, especially surrounding Our Healing House. It was this big, scary thing that I was too afraid to try. But as soon as I left her office, that fear was gone. And here we are. ;)

If what I’ve shared resonates with you and you happen to live in the Minneapolis area, Annette’s practice can be found right here. And if you live elsewhere, stay open and I’m sure the right person will come along, whether you seek them out or not.

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