An online publication sharing the healing stories and modalities of real people and experts alike. Take what resonates, leave the rest.

Sharing the healing stories
and modalities of real people and
experts alike.

Our Healing House is an online space dedicated to sharing the stories of humans who have or are going through an experience in life that has catapulted them into their own journey of holistic healing. Each and every person is different and what resonates for one will be different for another, which is exactly why these stories matter. They showcase a myriad of possibilities while empowering a community with hope and support during a time that can often feel lonely, painful, and overwhelming.

Each week, we dive deep into one person’s story, sharing what they’ve been through as well as the various healing techniques they’ve found helpful. We then pair each story with an expert to better explain said modality so that our community is properly informed. While we’re starting small with a blog, we hope to expand beyond as it flows. Ultimately, we want everyone to be able to easily search through a network of stories that cross and connect in their own way, inspiring others to embrace what resonates, and leave the rest.


Hello! My name is Breanna Rose. After being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017 and experiencing some of the deepest pain of my life, I quickly said “no thanks” and set forth on my own journey of holistic healing. From yoga and meditation to energy healing, eastern medicine, and beyond, I truly believe that endometriosis has been my greatest blessing. Because without it, I wouldn’t have woken up. I wouldn’t have known what it feels like to follow your heart and lean in to your truest self. I am an entirely different person these days. And for that, I am so unbelievably grateful.